Moving Office or Servers Make You Feel Headache? 


Moving office or servers can be a challenging, time-consuming process which most IT managers or even management executives are headache where to start can be completely overwhelming if they do not have a comprehensive plan. With Apple Solution’s experienced expertise, we help client plan and manage the move starting from the start including hardware consolidation, vendor management, data reliability and continuity of operations and the most important is to clarify all necessary components to support “business as usual.”  


A well-planned IT move makes the difference; your employees should be able to resume business after the move in the new office exactly the way they were functioning the day before the move. From research, planning, procurement, scheduling delivery, to setup, testing and commissioning of all your IT equipment such as servers, storage, UPS, backup, switches, routers, firewalls, workstations, security (ip cam), video conferencing, telephone system, printer/copier setup……etc, we’ll take care of them all, leaving you more time to concentrate on other important tasks. We believe IT is carefree, our professional technology support and all-inclusive computer consulting service will change your perspective on stressful office move.