Relocation NOT Only Defines Office Move


Apple Solution also offer IT Network relocation service including single site to site relocation and networks being moved across multiple sites. 

Using a well proven procedure, we take care of the entire process from safe shutdown of the current network to commissioning of the current network without losing data and damaging equipments. With a completed system audit, our consultants will offer client a snapshot of how the current IT network is performing and how the relocation process can fully utilize the assets in the new location by identifying security vulnerabilities and threats, new compliances, industry-specific requirement, outdated hardware and software, and power supply usage issues.

With Apple Solution’s relocation service, clients can enjoy a new IT network during the process and stay in touch with clients and business partners.

No matter which brand you are using, Apple Solution’s professional skills help you manage to design, manage and deliver the relocation of your business-critical IT equipment, whilst keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Once reinstallation has been completed successfully, you will be given access to a dedicated help desk to ensure everything remains fully functioning as it should be.



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