As a new local start-up, GoGoVan offers a mobile application allows customers to call for a van in a timely manner. Although most of the procedures have been completed over the mobile app, a complete hotline telecommunications system is still a critical tool to cater the increasing demand and regarded as a comprehensive support.
GoGoVan looked for a completed system integrating different features including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), statistics, voice recording, connecting and handling existing customers. Telephone lines were on-demand depending on the peak hours and they were moving office during a short period.
In order to cater client’s requirement, Apple Solution recommended to putting all direct lines into system data line by HKBN SIP Trunk. With the scalability of increasing channel immediately without interfere, GoGoVan is able to easily manage their telecommunication system at fingertips. Platon VoIP PBX is also offered to the client as a comprehensive telephone system – handling general enquiries and customized functions including voice recording, inbound calls interflow and most importantly integrating with the CRM system to enhance efficiency.
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