Globo Hong Kong Ltd

Achieving maximum cost-effectiveness – Apple Solution helps Cross-border Toy Manufacturer to Empower Strengthen email and Storage System


Globo Hong Kong Ltd. established factory in mainland China while maintaining around 10% manpower station in Hong Kong office. Since almost staffs using email as major daily communication tool, hence, a high level security become first priority for choosing email platform. Besides, data storage in different servers leads to two problems that they’re now facing: email and contact unsynchronized in different devices such as smart phone, tablet or desktop cause internal communication breakdown; on the other hand, data-loss always occurs. Therefore, the manufacturer requested to self-own email hosting solution which can fulfil security and scalability requirement.

How we help:

To facilitate smooth and speedy communications, Apple Solution helps deploy email hosting platform which allows real time email synchronization. By using SAN, we successfully migrate old email from third party to new self-own platform. Staffs can read and edit email on different mobile devices and computers through MS Exchange in real time. Also, we designed a customized backup and recovery solution together with Dell PowerVault storage + Server so as to enhance security of email platform.

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